CA provides a full range of Montessori learning materials to promote growth in the areas of: practical life, sensorial work, mathematics, language, science, geography, botany, art and craft, and music…

Learning Environment: Our environment is beautiful and orderly allowing for group and individual learning

Practical Life: cutting apricots for homemade jam

Sensorial: exploring size, depth and shape...

Language: learning new words in German and English

Circle time outdoors 

Art and Craft: we enjoy painting outdoors too!

Geography: exploring the continents and the animals that belong to each continent

Indoor Movement: Gross motor activities to help with coordination…..

Special Days: Birthday celebration

Botany: learning the different parts of a leaf

 Circle time indoors

It's the PROCESS and not the PRODUCT that is important to the child

Park: We visit many beautiful parks within a 5 minute walk…

Outdoor Movement: Fun and games outdoors

Music: Boom! Boom! Boom goes the Bongo drum...